January 2023

Going to the Food & Wine Claasic 2023 in Aspen Colorado

Looking forward to a spectacular weekend at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen! Celebrating 40 Years of Icons & Innovators with a look back at the standout talent, trends, and recipes that have made the Classic a must-visit experience for four decades.
This premier culinary event consists of three incredible days of cooking demonstrations, wine & spirit tastings, and panel discussions led by world-class chefs and beverage experts.

Amateur Radio License Exams Online?

The remote sessions are conducted using a video conferencing platform with ExamTools onscreen tests. Online exams can also be used at in-person sessions (candidates must have tablets or computers for fully electronic in-person sessions). For teams that prefer to generate and print their own exams, our blue overlay grading template designs are loaded into the program, and they can be used with the system’s printed exams for manual grading. This system replaced our ARRL VE Exam Maker exam-generating software.
The online exam platform includes registering and tracking candidates throughout the session, onscreen exams and grading, online signing of Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCEs) and 605 forms, logging and compiling the session stats and VE participation list, and output files for upload to the coordinating VEC. The program manages almost everything needed to conduct a test session.
Since June 2020, ARRL VE teams have gone completely electronic by using a web-based examination system to administer online exams for remote, video-supervised sessions or in-person sessions.
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