Seasoned Cybersecurity/Privacy/GRC Ambassador with a distinguished track record in spearheading comprehensive security strategies. Adept at driving organizational change through the development and implementation of robust processes and solutions. With over two decades of experience, I am recognized as a leader and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in IT Security and Privacy, adept at managing global information systems. My expertise spans program and project management, risk mitigation, and strategic planning, with a focus on integrating multiple projects into cohesive programs. I excel in remote project management, adeptly leading virtual teams to success.

Key Competencies:

Cybersecurity Architecture and Implementation:

An accomplished Cybersecurity/Privacy/GRC professional specializing in architecting and implementing cutting-edge solutions. Proficient in conducting system assessments against diverse frameworks and overseeing comprehensive risk management initiatives. I drive improvements in security posture and ensure compliance by pioneering Compliance as Code strategies for cloud environments, enabling automated compliance enforcement and rapid remediation of non-compliance incidents.

Information Security, Compliance, and Privacy Management:

With over two decades of experience in information technology and security, I bring expertise in safeguarding information assets and systems. My comprehensive approach to cybersecurity encompasses defense against cyber attacks while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Currently serving as Associate Director of the Global Information Security Group (GISG) at KPMG International.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Tactical Operations:

A seasoned professional with a proven track record in project portfolio management and tactical operations spanning diverse industries. Proficient in various project management methodologies, including PMBOK, SDLC Waterfall, and Agile. My journey in project management began as a Tool Design Engineer in 1986, and since then, I have held leadership positions including CEO, CIO, and CISO, among others. My multifaceted background equips me to drive success across complex initiatives.

Experience Highlights:

  • Associate Director, Global Information Security Group (GISG), KPMG International.
  • Extensive experience in managing programs and projects across diverse industries.
  • Proficient in project management methodologies such as PMBOK, SDLC Waterfall, and Agile.
  • Versatile leadership roles including CEO, CIO, CISO, Program Manager, and Project Manager.

With a proven track record of success, I am poised to deliver impactful cybersecurity solutions and drive organizational excellence.

Contact Information

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